Sunday, 7 June 2009

The not so simple watch

Issey Miyake, a known fact to all my peers that I love love love him. I gore at his design, put on the perfume, stalk on him. I know this watch of his been out quite awhile now. Well, good design can withhold time. Know what? This is with Naoto Fukasawa (Skin it off)

Case designed after the shape of a hexagon wrench, representing the simple beauty of tools.

Minimalist design in its the ultimate form. Each angle of the dodecagon glass represent the hour.


I tried to design a watch which is simple and as strong as possible. I wanted to eliminate all markings, even numbers, from the face.

This inspired me to give the crystal itself twelve sides. With the angles of the case serving as the hour markers, I only had to add the hour and minute hands, both having the same width equal to the diameter of the central post.

The result is a sharp face distinguished by the unique angular shape and wide hands. I feel that this strong clear and simple design is suitable for the brand ISSEY MIYAKE.

Naoto Fukasawa


Jovan said...

It costs 500 over dollars!! It's been out for years yet its still in the hip trend =)

Ant said...

ever tot of getting that for me? haha