Monday, 2 March 2009

The Round Ring

by 22designstudio

Drawn freehand by the designer, the circular frame of this ring acts as the beginning of a dialog between the designer and the person wearing it. The circular design creates ever-lasting space for communication and interaction between creator and receiver, designer and customer.

Brand-new concrete formula through cooperating with Taipei 101 engineering team, through three-month trial and research, our studio used the high-tech concrete, which has been used to construct the highest building in the world. We utilize concrete and transformed it into product design. Most important, we have researched and developed the unique concrete formula in order to be perfectly embedded with fingers.

More smooth with glossy concrete texture
The newly concrete ring is mainly focusing on the improvement of concrete formula. Taipei 101 engineering team and 22designstudio jointly researched and completed this unique formula. The surface of the ring becomes smoother, absolutely illustrating concrete’s high-level and fine texture.

Stronger and Durable
This brand-new formula increases the density of concrete, lessens the external pores, enhances the durability of concrete and decreases the possibilities of chipping and cracking.

How was weekend for you there? Mind was good. Been raining pretty much lately, Keep yourself dry! Lovely week ahead! Be good, be well.