Tuesday, 3 March 2009

An everyday table

CUT- by Jessika Kalleskog

A table reflecting one aspect of its use. A table is often used in many different occasions apart from eating; starting out from that perspective I searched for new expressions in form and function that embraces the use and plays with the aesthetics of the classical table. My challenge was to use a plane to develop into a three dimensional shape. Architecture and cubism was keywords which led to combine contrasting forms.

Ps// Booooooom have got a new project proposal!!
Project #7 - Alter a Magazine! It is a very interesting project! Call for entry! Whee! I am thinking of joining! Like seriously!

Oh yea, side note, I am reading on a new book that love bought for me, its called The Rules of Life By Richard Templar. Its amazing, it taught me much about life, and its perspective. You a rules player or not? I am not, I'm working at it. Oh, amazing is a understatement for the book. Love is amazing, he bestow me something so worthy. You should get it.