Saturday, 1 November 2008

Si Scott

Work taught me quite a bit.
I look at impressive designers/speaker works there and then, it reminds me of my own blog. Previously, I got the idea habit of sharing interesting designs out there, I'd put a pause to that for quite sometime. Now, I thought I should pick it up once again. It would be fun ay?

I actually have got the impulse to share more than one in this entry. But that's the beauty of the whole idea, one per day. As I am going to start new, the whole direction, I am going for a minor leap change. To personalise the whole idea, I've decided to categorise it to my very way of erm, way? Perhaps, this will let you know the other part of me.

To begin with, myself, let me share with you whom I adore and put them on my alter of frame.

This guy here really know what he is doing, looking at the sensitive strokes and curves. Lovely.

What makes me attracted to his work was his video (The making of his art work) Amazing fellow I tell ya! Such confident stroke! To begin with, all his art work are drawn free hand first and then scan on the highest DPI.