Sunday, 2 November 2008

Gold, Silver, Bronze

For the month of Oct, one of the biggest event happened at the Packaging World!! It took me 2 days to finish looking at the product, rationale and random company profile! (And I am not finish yet)
I nearly die on the spot! Not because of the massive information but by the product send for the competition! Such high calibre and intriguing. OMG! Come, let me share with you a few personal favourite.

Best of Show:

“How do you do something new with something timeless? We had only one answer: reverse the proportions” And it is exactly this simple but oh-so-creative idea that won over the international jury of the Pentawards, the first worldwide competition devoted uniquely to packaging design.

For in fact, if there is indeed a domain in which tradition reigns, it is that of champagne. So the designers kept all the traditional graphic features of champagne (bottle, cork, ice bucket, glass, and labels) but thought that if champagne could turn one’s head, it was only necessary to reverse all these visual elements to amplify this impression, and especially to differentiate the Pieper Hiedsieck brand from its competitors by recreating the packaging of the champagne.
It is this creativity in support of packaging, also expressed throughout the communication (the site will also spin your head around) that won over the Pentawards jury. The bottles of Pieper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage signed by Viktor & Rolf were launched on the market at the end of October 2007 in several duty free shops and in exclusive bars and wine bars. This is therefore a limited-time edition.
The glass bottles are covered by a sleeve produced by Sleever International, a leading global company in this very innovative area of packaging design.

Best of Category:

Clever ay? The designer really know what he is doing uh, Coke already got such a impactful branding. This is what Less is More means.

Quoted: You need only a slice of Coke’s script to know it. The bottle shape remains the same but in a very contemporary new material. The result is packaging that feels at once familiar and new.”

Again, some product that Personally touched me in the art direction and the aesthetic flow.

Another M&S approach? Well, I like the idea. Its the kind of "qing xu" one can inject itself to.

Among all, this is the ultimate beauty baby! They really know who are their TA uh! I would buy without thinking twice. Smell? Come to think of it, if a designer can carve such a beauty, do you think the smell would stink the hell out? I believe the designer will be very Gey Gao. After all when you know you can score full mark, why not go the distance?

Credit: The Dieline