Wednesday, 30 July 2008

WONDERWALL / Masamichi Katayama

I bought my reading cap to work this whole week, but this morning in particular, I'd the real intensive reading mode turn on. Therefore, the labour of this taxing entry. I was reading through one other article this morning, and was pretty inspired to blog about it.

Anyhow, this is only a tip of what I'd read. And right below, stood a chunk of my own thoughts.


Masamichi Katayama interest in design has always been broad. While respecting conventional and traditional aspects of architecture, he believes in breaking boundaries, and he is on a continual search for new ideas. Hence the name, Wonderwall: a continuous endless journey. Each project is conceived from scratch, rarely repeating details and ideas used in past projects. When designing retail spaces, not only does Katayama address all the elements of the interior, such as lighting, materials, and proportions but he also considers the actual experience of shopping. With restaurants and office spaces, while the actual design may be a crucial element, the interiors are not complete to him without achieving comfort and function. To Katayama, conceiving an interior is about producing a total concept, and his intentions are to create an environment that would touch the subconscious of the consumer and occupant.


I like the way he conclude his direction & belief in this work profile. No doubt this article comes from a architecture designer, but whatever it is, they’re the fields that fascinate me, and that I want to learn more about. Their work influences so many aspects of our world yet most of the time it’s taken for granted. I think that, especially today, it’s crucial for us to re-examine how we make, use, look at consumer products at every level.

But, I am not deducing it as a whole but by the details of the elaboration. Its like reading between the lines thingy.

It's very true and applicable for each and every designer out there, it set off as a reminder that we constantly have got to remind ourselves with. The sensitively one should stick with as well as the aspect of ones' behaviour.

Well, probably this set apart, the label of gey gao-ness. So much so, embrace the title, for that, there'll be effective living environment. Don't ya think? I fancy the way this being camouflage between the lines, for it bring forth another level of subconscious behaviour. Kudos to the senses of human!

In every other matter I found the last sentence sum the mass up, so simple yet so intricate.