Tuesday, 1 June 2010

That bar of chocolate.

Two lines, it can be seen as two parallel lines of which never it would cross. Or, a constant moving objects. That, acting upon either ways. Like an arrow, or a pixel.

With a little imagination, probably, it would turn into many else. With my limited source of imagination, I look upon as a bar of kit-kat.

In many case of how the brain works, it is entwined.

My dear friends, I am going for a break. For how long? Well, I’ve not set a date either have I enclosed the idea of what a break is.

Nevertheless, I will allow the post to be post till the last dated date. Pardon me for this decision. It is a heart breaker, and I was torn apart.

I understand with the polls, ’give away’ took the higher percentage.
The highlight, perhaps, I would end off with a give-away. I will rope you in the situation when I got that post done up.

For now, I would spread the love till then.
Inspiration will not be stopped here. I maybe inspired in another forms, thus an act to share all over again. However, let me be selfish, still, keep me in loop.

Thank you so much for coming by.

I can’t say no more.

Be good, be well.

Spread Design Love.