Tuesday, 1 June 2010

If Normann Copenhagen was a bicycle!

If Normann Copenhagen was a bicycle!
text by Pascal Panagiotidis for Yatzer

Normann Copenhagen is one of the most well known brands with a wide range of design objects including lighting, furniture even kitchenware. But what if Normann Copenhagen was a bicycle? What would it look like? The moment to find out has come as the brand decided to launch a bike as one of its latest products. For those who are familiar with Normann Copenhagen and its creations will undoubtedly say that any new product would be stylish above all. Well, that’s for sure but the new creation comes to surprise all of us with its classic design bringing 50’s back to fashion. The bike combines two different colours making the frame more interesting; while the chain, saddle and handlebars are green the frame is anthracite grey not shiny neither dull; an eye catcher indeed.

Welcome to the 1st of June, half a year gone. Always the case of how time fly, have you make the fullest out of it?
How is it going for you? All is well.

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