Monday, 1 February 2010

ruth gurvich: lightscape for nymphenburg

Painted lightscape vases and tableware

In continuation with nymphenburg’s series collaboration with contemporary artists and
designers, argentine artist ruth gurvich has created an edition of 28 paper models of vases and tableware called lightscape. The result of using paper as a her main material is seen in the creases, folds and tautness that gives these everyday objects a characteristic look. By choosing culturally familiar objects, her aim is to show the shapes and structures of everyday things the way they are. meanwhile, the intentional use of paper material invites users to see a more artistic rather than literal representation of the object.

The project started here:
This work by ruth gurvich was one of the highly commended entries for designboom's
ceramics for breakfast competition in 2006. She exhibited the series in milan, during the design week 2008, at the spazio rossana orlandi; in 2009 in tielrode, belgium in the gallery lachaert and d'hanis, and in sotheby's 'huge talent'
show in london.
good to see that it is in production now.