Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Colissimo Design - UK

Create the new design/ packaging, which will be sold in all postal offices and used by the whole French population in 2010 for every holiday! It’s up to you to bring your «festive, celebration, present, holiday » spirit to this design!

Be imaginative, trendy, sober, off beat… Make sure we want to send and receive your package and that it reflects the desire to make people happy. Create the exterior design, but also don’t hesitate to imagine its interior (see guidelines)!

Beware do not focus your creative proposition solely on the Christmas theme, but create on original design, that can be used for all gift occasions during the year !
Do not submit “simple” pictures with no editing or design added.
The same design with only different colors will not be accepted.


Respect the size and shape of the given package.
Respect the technical guidelines (given in the brief).
Keep a Hi resolution .PSD or .AI file, CMJN colors.
Submit your own original creations.

Early Bird Prize: 4 prizes of 150 euros.
4 designs will be selected among the creations submitted before January 30th, on eyeka.

First Prize : 3 000 euros
One design selected among the creations submitted between January 18 and March 29, 2010. (On Eyeka and on http://www.imagine-colissimo.fr)

Most voted: 10 prizes of 300 euros
For the 10 most voted designs between March 30 and May 17, 2010 on http://www.imagine-colissimo.fr

More info here.