Thursday, 16 July 2009

Marti Guixé

For my final Spanish based post, on the final day of my little break from the studio I’ve gone for designer Marti Guixé.

Guixé always claimed to “alter ways of seeing and thinking” rather than simply recycling previous ideas and products. He is obsessed with quick, readily available and disposable materials that can be consumed by the masses and I think we’re all a little better of for it. You know him for the Do Frame – tape that allows you to frame things cheaply, but I urge you to dig a little deeper.

it's nice that

Oh! Half blood prince is out today! I'm so gonna catch it! Anyone? Ho!!


Anonymous said...

ron was here!
watch with CH la~

Ant said...

He ask me to watch with others. This kind of genre is not his cup. He don't have imagination! ha!