Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Apogee Chair

Miran Nudell - The Apogee Chair

“The apogee chair began as a search for a comfortable chair without any big manipulations, i observed people sitting on regular daily chairs and noticed they tend to move allot, they were looking for the next “temporary” comfortable position, so i though why should’t the chair do some of the effort too. Searching for the balance between comfort, flexibility and support gave me the Apogee chair, a chair that suits the sitter.”

The chair is made of pine wood, polyurethane rubber and fiber-glass rods.

Visually, the appearance is simple. But I kinda like the idea behind the chair. The throughout observation. Hmmmm. Ideas?


Seems to be a touch and go week for me here, perhaps not going to work on the Monday somewhat shorten the week. Again, there's a lot of things on my plate that I wanna get my hands on. I'm human afterall ay? For e.g the class gathering I'm suppose to organize! (The thoughts of it send shudder) Procrastination.

Oh oh! Did I tell you guys I'm finally going to East Coast Park this Sunday? Both the Jo dear are coming! Yea! Embrace by the greens, having sandwiches, fly the kite, the smell of salt, alas! That should be life isn't?!

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