Wednesday, 22 April 2009

2000 Weld in 1?

Milan 09: Jun Hashimoto of Junio Design will present a chair made of stainless steel wire at SaloneSatellite in Milan next week.

Each Web Chair features 2000 welds.

Hashimoto will present her work under on a stand calle Books, which is a collaboration with designer Tatsuo Yamamoto.

Here’s some text from Hashimoto:

"Last year, I was honored to receive the Design Report Award Special Mention, for my “Thin Chair”. I am happy to inform you that I will be joining the SaloneSatellite again this year."

Web chair
Design : Jun Hashimoto
Photo by Satoshi Asakawa
A Chair that appears and disappears like a spider web. The weightlessness (approx. 2.1kgs) allows a woman to hold the chair with just one hand. Stainless steel wire/length: approx. 140m, diameter: 1.5mm. Approximately 2000 welding points holds the chair together.

Via: Dezeen
Ps// Happy Mid Week! I am still down with a very bad throat. Sigh, but nevertheless, I guess, it is not getting me down, cause I still manage to play prank on Mok. Ask me and I'll tell you! Haha.


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