Monday, 16 March 2009

1934 BMW R7

This is such a sexy bike! What more can I say? There's more over at the site. Jaws Drop.

Think back seventy or seventy-five years to a time when design began to break away from the traditional and elaborate rationalism that ensued for hundreds of years. Well on the heels of the Industrial Revolution, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Streamline and Zigzag Moderne emerged as designers as well as consumers fully embraced the Age of the Machine. Shiny chrome surfaces lay across curving forms or over expansive horizontal planes and glorified a dynamic new world on the move.

And suddenly design was muted as World War II approached. Inspiration was buried away, along with many innovative and visually stunning designs. Skip ahead to 2005 where some curious members of BMW Classic opened a box and found the R7 bike seventy percent assembled - although not in shining condition. The engine was corroded, the metalwork was in dire shape, the battery was unusable, but the opportunity for restoration could not be ignored.

Various specialists at the BMW workshop discovered the original design drawings in the archive collections and conjured up the ghosts from Streamline Moderne’s past. Missing parts were sourced, others were rebuilt, the chrome was polished and the frame was painted black. And the final test, retuning the 1934 BMW motorcycle to the street proved to be worth the wait nearly three quarters of a century later. - Andrew J Wiener via Bike Exif

Side Track, Stockholm Furniture Fair. A good spread of design!

Before I end this post, I just wish to thank everybody for the blessings and wishes. Its truly heartfelt. Monday it is, I felt like a brand new wash. It's going to be better!

Hey you! Hope Japan is treating you with love!