Friday, 13 February 2009

Clock, Liquid & Lamp

Kyouei Design

water clock
During production

Please take a plate/glass,etc. and pour the water into it.
The balls that float on the water display time.
The balls can be placed in any plate/glass at your choice.

liquid bookmark
material : silicon.

every liquid bookmark is hand made by the designer himself,
each design is a one-off.
shape makes it appear as if the bookmark is melting.

honeycomb lamp
material: paper
size: W 300mm × D 300mm × H 450mm

we used "denguri paper" for this shade of a lamp.
the "denguri paper" is a local product of Shikoku region in Japan.
when it is packed, the thickness is about 2cm.
and it can be a lamp shade when you open it and put together those edges by some pins.


Enjoy the weekend! Its Valentine this saturday! Happy Valentine Day! Meanwhile, if you need a cap, come here.