Sunday, 15 February 2009

Rain rain go away?

I remember back in school (less than 7 months)I gotten in touch with one black book (Design book), it'll "dissolve" text upon human heat. So if you rub the book fervently, the black book title will appear.

I was fascinated by it and was curious on how technology will bring us human in the next century. Well it shows one thing for sure, design have got everything to do with, math, science, geography and every other subjects.

The thing I'm showcasing have got the similar idea, perhaps a different science. Oh! Let it rain and wash my black umbrella to colours!


UK-based Squid London has sold out of limited edition collection of umbrellas that uses hydrochromatic inks. These inks are able to change their color when get wet(Cool!), the umbrellas have rather bland and desaturated color. Squid umbrellas will change into a working piece of art, whenever the rain falls onto the panels. And cheek you up when you are in a bad mood because raining.

Happy Valetine! How was yours?