Friday, 7 November 2008

Word of e.

Perhaps you guys might be wondering why the sudden random moves of asking you there to support Design For Mankind. Well, there's no rationale behind it actually. Or maybe there it? Personally I love the design layout, the treatment, the direction she is going into. As mention from the previous post (Picture), it was the truthfulness behind those entries that touched me. (?)
Well, She's just doing her best to spread the Design Love! Oh! Or perhaps I am very much attrached to the "about" list.

3. I read each and every comment left on Design for Mankind. Try me.
2. I like to help in any way I can. Again, try me.
1. Because inspiration can change the world.

(She got a list of 18, way too texty for my case, thus the top 3)

I did in fact left my comment in her list. Goodness me! She replied a comment that you won't even consider replying to!

I dont know how to express myself, perhaps you just got to tried it out to understand. I felt that we need more of such people so as the community would be a more lovely place.


design for mankind. said...

Oh my GOODNESS! This is the best review I've ever received, and so what I've always wanted to achieve. Thank you so much, dear Ant!!!!!!!! Eek!

Anting said...

:) Its nothing though, simply deserved it!