Saturday, 22 November 2008

A kind text, bring it with you.

I've tidy my blog clean & neat, better? I like it though.

Nevertheless, a quick one, Design for Mankind and Booooooom did a project collaboration- It is a submissions to their Free Encouragement project. I was reading through their encouragement, and the turn out was pretty amazing. I drop my text as well, so I really wonder what's next!

The whole idea was actually- To be encouraging?

There is just so much negativity all around us these days, have you noticed? It’s infesting the Internet, it’s taking over the big screen, it’s cutting you off, it’s showing up on your bank statement, it’s staining your new shirt, it’s breathing down your neck, it’s not giving you a vacation, it’s talking behind your back, it’s stuffing you in a locker, it’s cheating on you, it’s charging you more, it’s giving you less, and it’s making you miserable!

You can use this gallery to encourage a close friend or someone you just happened to pass by on the street. You can encourage a relative who may be ill or the girl who handed you your coffee this morning. You could even use this place to encourage yourself!


Doesn't hurt to be nice ay?