Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dance with me

Tango Variations by Ante Vojnovic

Enjoy the Tango Dancing chairs!

I am busy contemplating the nonexistent. I found through creativity a way of life, inventing a far away world, i keep my distances, don’t want to fall in the norm. I want that far away world stripped from preconceived ideas of the future or career and without clear out coming, to be guided by one and only path; mine, no sides taken, no cause to defend but just feel the moment.

Memorized by the excess, the nonsense and the madness, the neutral bores me. Always above the little worries, i love to fight the principles, pulling myself out of the world, contemplating the century far way from the rumours, flirting with the universal by devoting myself to the anecdotal ism with a coating of beauty.
I realize that i am a mystic, cultivating the nothingness, the need for loneliness is the risk of misanthropy. I discovered how a lonely man is in good company.
To be an artist just like the toxicoman is to live with withdrawals that can only be overcome by the success.

When i am about to create a piece, i do not approach it with an analytical way but rather with intuitive one. When something comes to me and i feel moved by it, i just trust my feelings, i believe that art comes from self confidence and also from one’s ideas, which puts them to a metaphysical level, simply put; i don’t do much, don’t force anything just keep my eyes open staring at the world and try to be connected, all is use able , chairs, tables have an attractive appeal to me as far as i can recall, i imagine them sculptural, non functional ,etc… and one morning you go down to the atelier and start creating.

I love this! It's as though the chairs are really dancing! I guess it's not really about the comfort in this chair, but rather the execution! Lovely!