Monday, 9 August 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Imagine someone standing by his window and saying the phrase Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag. For the designers at FARM, which is in charge of branding NDP 2010, the image that came quickly to mind was that of someone wishing upon a shooting star. Hence, their winning idea for NDP 2010's logo was born.

The logo depicts the five stars of the Singapore flag in their original ensemble as seen on the flag. The shooting motion that accompanies the stars, meanwhile, resembles the movement of the crescent moon in the national flag. The use of brushstrokes gives it a light, elegant feel, and depicts a sense of flight, of aspirations and of hope.

The result? All elements of the Singapore flag are represented, and the logo also ties in neatly with this year's theme.

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

The older the better?



* Michael * said...

I think this design is nice. Wish You a Happy National Day and enjoy the day!

Dun miss the magnificent firework display:

And the National Day Parade:

itstheant said...

cheers to you micheal! thanks for the link!