Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rumble Rumbo

I am bored to tears. So, there's a need to rumble. I was flip flopping around till I saw this site, Life Before Death. Ahhhhh, I would say it's a very interesting site, it consist of living on after you are gone, a party to die for, how to write an obituary etc. Ahhh yes, seriously, not that I am thinking of death itself, but it just happened upon that click. Oh wells, the list went on for what are the things you want to do before you die, the music yadayada..

Ok, my point is, Life is SO short.
Are you painting a rainbows every single day? So, I made a list of to dos myself
(Sound like some new year resolution ay?) Good gracious me. Its an expanding list and it sound more like a shopping list! Glasp! (An end to all new beginning my dear.)

Whatever it is, I am working towards mine. I promised to fullfilled every state I made. And you know what, I am pretty impress with myself lately. HAHA.

I will share it with you, here, whenever I attain each state.

Keep an close watch on me. The eagle is about to take off.

Rumble ends here.