Thursday, 10 June 2010

What I love doing.

What I love doing the most when I am with myself while walking home is, titling my head up high, not looking at where I am going (not even on roads or cars. please don't learn this.), allowing the stars in the skies to lead me home.

Walking home, this is when I feel the time I am with myself the most intimate. This is also the only time I've got there to appreciate the stars in the skies. I derive with a conclusion that, perhaps this is the only time I can slow my pace and appreciate the surrounding.

Looking up the skies whenever I am abroad is a must do. Even if it means freezing my hands off. People, pause and take a look around you. You'll appreciate mother earth more when you stay tune.


Meeting up with Mr.T don't come by often, it's been least 4 years? Since we last met. He highlighted a point thereby I thought was interesting.

When you are young, the vocabulary applies such as, impulse, jumpy, tempremental, wobbly.
When you grown, you process, you think, slower yet more precise.