Monday, 7 June 2010

The giveaway!!

Polls over! Like promise, here's the giveaway! I've schedule the giveaway earlier, before I head for the break.

Foremost, I thank each and everyone whom polls on the site. Thank you.

So now, the giveaway is simple. SOFAS had offered to carry out the honor on behalf of myself. So, what actually is the giveaway? It's a $50 gift certificate to use on any of their 200+ websites. They range from sofa, to cookware, bar stools, bathroom vanities and tubs, cribs, strollers, stuffed animals, diaper bags, luggage and other travel gear, bedroom sets, dining room sets, office desks, greenhouses, kitchen and laundry room appliances, and much more.

Oh yes, indeed a very long list, so here's the thing, simply send me a tag line, to, (preferably 3-5 words) for csn| Their current tag is Shop Easy. So just pop by their site, for a idea of the tag line.
You can send in as many tag as you want.
So, spread the giveaway.

Have fun, good luck.


ps// I realise I've not set the deadline, 30 June 2010 shall be the closing. Cheers!

via: csn|store