Thursday, 3 June 2010

Circle of Death

I got in touch with this game called circle of death last year. The requirement of the game is simply a deck of poker card. (Depending on the number of people, making use of all the cards)

I shall not go into details, but if you are keen on the rules, click the link above. The point is, one of the cards represent, rhythm. So if you are out to sabotage some one, try this;

Are there any words that rhyme with orange?

Orange is one of those words that famously has nothing perfectly to rhyme with it. The other one is silver. However, the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary does show both these words as having half-rhymes (such as lozenge with orange and salver with silver).

The principle of a half-rhyme in these cases is quite simple. Whereas a full and stressed rhyme (e.g. hand / stand) or even an unstressed rhyme (such as handing / standing) contain vowels that are common to both words, a half-rhyme like orange/ lozenge or silver/ salver (technically speaking, pararhymes) has obvious differences between vowels in certain syllables.