Saturday, 1 May 2010

A new VUE of time

A new VUE of time
text by Ricardo Hernandez for Yatzer

Where do you spend most of your thoughts? Are you consumed with thoughts of the past, present, future, are you spending time in imagination or are you truly in your mind? This project demonstrates the value of all of these phases in time and in our minds. The beauty of VUE is the prioritization of our only constant, change.

VUE is a new watch by Yves Behar in collaboration with Issey Miyake. The concept behind the project is nothing but an industrial masterpiece with a quite literal approach to time. VUE reads the time completely when the time arrives. How else should time be told right? A series of layers continuously move around a center displaying time as the colored lines progressively approach the present time. The lines dissipate at their edges and are strongest in color at its center providing a faded lapse of the past time and hinting to what is to come without telling too much. This approach to telling time seems to be appropriate and truly refreshing. Why do we need to know the rest of the time that has yet to come or the past time that has long forgotten us? Yatzer loves how VUE gives you the time now in an innovative way for an analog structure.

The VUE project demonstrates how the most overlooked elements of our most common uses seem to be the best places to achieve this subtle, stroke of genius, redefining once more how we view something as simple and communal as time. We can all relate to it. Furthermore, we all think more about the future time and what we have missed than the beauty of the current time. This watch demonstrates how important time is at this instant not later or before. Time is not really a mystery; it will continue to run and move forward, therefore there is no need to visually show the time that has yet to arrive.. ..