Wednesday, 19 May 2010

4& half talk.

A: I miss talking to you.
T: I teach all the same, it all derive on your drive.
A: Oh yea.
T: You speak good English. There's no way they reject you.
T: It'll be 7.5 next. Do you have a plan B?
A: I just sorted it out not long ago.
T: Tell me about it.

T: Learning, never ends. There's no way to stop. For the individual.
A: The precision of knowing what to do next required the alternative.

T: He've no idea what he's missing out.
A: Yea?
T: You composed it well.
A: It just moves, don't you agree?

T: You always pose challenging question.
L: Sometime, you miss a step. Pause my dear.
A: Learning as it is. I know I am.

A: Is it me? or is it the book?
T: It's not you, certain things comes with time.
A: So I should collect dust?
T: I advice you to do that.

T: You know I am a vegetarian?
A: Reasons?
T: Selfish.
A: Oh?
T: The french saying..

The talk briefly last for half hour, but it seems ages.
He, reminds me of "Tuesday with Morris". Just that neither of us are on death bed, but rather, aged with the tick. Sooner and no latter.

We touch on multiple topics, he, never fail to allow me to unfold myself in the most natural way.

A: I need to vaporize my mind. I will pick the tab, pop the champagne if I manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat.
L: Either choice, I am proud of you.

Scattered topics, but it somewhat it all up.
Imagine myself to be captain Jack Sparrow. Stirring the ship in the compass direction.

Good day.