Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sofi Zezmer loses control at Mike Weiss Gallery

Yatzer is proud to present “Remote Control”, a multimedia installation including sculpture, photography and drawing by Polish artist Sofi Zezmer at Mike Weiss Gallery, NY. Zezmer, on her third solo exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery, exhibits a series of creations that are half sculptures, half hybrid micro organisms that seem to have escaped out of a destroyed space station.

Although their shapes and colors are definitely eye catching, there is an undefined sense of danger surrounding them as they seem ready to attack! This contradiction raises questions and doubts and the more one contemplates Zezmer’s creations in search for answers the more is lost in their strange beauty. Not bad at all for an artist that uses common, often underestimated materials such as drinking straws, IV drip tubing, construction netting, film, foil, packing materials, bicycle helmets, cable ties and funnels. Taken out of their context, those materials lose their original meaning and form part of a greater puzzle, difficult to decompose. The result is the birth of new identities and the creation of new systems that stand between the biological and the mechanical, provoking conflicting chains of associations.. ..