Friday, 18 December 2009

PRISM glasses case by SabotagePKG

PRISM glasses case by SabotagePKG
text by An Michiels for Yatzer

SabotagePKG is a cutting edge structural packaging and graphic design agency that specialises in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and luxury brand sectors. Their latest collaboration with London based cult label Prism Eyewear resulted in the stunning 'Prism' glasses case.
Prism Eyewear - a new high end label created by former trends and fashion journalist Anna Laub - tries to fill a gap in the market for glasses from a fashion accessory perspective, rather than just being functional. Their glasses are aimed at anyone who has an interest in the aesthetic, who is obsessed with detail but doesn't want to lose on functionality. The SabotagePKG case design cleverly translates Prism's objectives, giving the Prism brand real standout at point of sale.

SabotagePKG took their inspiration from the idea of prisms and glass reflections. The result is as eye-catching as the Prism glasses themselves, perfectly complementing the Prism brand's positioning towards people for whom glasses are an important aesthetic accessory.

The completely transparent two-piece injection moulded object of desire stands proudly upright and reflects the core idea that glasses are about light and vision.
SabotagePKG's Creative Director, Sav Savva, comments: “Prism glasses are hand-made and hand-finished with great emphasis laid on combining traditional techniques with beautiful modern aesthetics. We therefore worked with these brand values to create something equally unique that would reflect the traditional function of glasses and add an aspirational, beautiful look to the packaging itself. It’s been very rewarding to see a number of famous faces already wearing the products.”

I wil be away for a short get away this weekend. I shall be back all charged before I bid 2009 goodbye! I've already set the mode, without my presence, inspiration continue!

Have fun, be safe! Ciao!