Friday, 25 September 2009

No eyes to see

I felt the Header I'd there seems like a direct translation from the Chinese. Oh- well!

Animal blog


To WBF & your boyfriend.

Happy Birthday! I bet you must be over the moon today! (You know what I mean, its terrible to live on 200) with the fact that M1 is reminding you for the red bills! HAHA! am I a reminder or what?!

Well, I'll hunt you for our meals!

Happy Birthday to you!

You know I love you!

With all my heart.


Weekend is coming again, have lots of fun!

My bad here, I haven't been able to seat by the com and do proper update on whats going on. Well, to say, I'm good, things are going in strong current and I'm tracking hard to be on the mode.

My laptop at home screw itself on me, I can't type "G" & "H" which means I can't sign in both gmail and hotmail. The highlight is, I cant laugh out in MSN. It felt terrible to be crippled like that.

All righty, got to get back to work for now!