Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sweet collection

Sweet collection by Sander van der Haar & Jaromir Maas for Spell
text by Pascal Panagiotidis for Yatzer

Sweet and Delicious....objects to die for. Dipped in pleasure, great flavor and vibrant colors are just some of the characteristics of the Sweet collection by the Arnhem (NL) based design studio Spell. Spell aspires to create a new dimension of lifestyle products, constantly looking for new ways to engage the public with inspiring designs. To achieve this, Spell cooperates with various passionate and talented designers.

The Napoleon pillow by Dutch designer Eva Nip looks like a tasty caramel -definitely sugar free - whilst the sweet stool designed by Dutch designers Sander van der Haar & Jaromir Maas reminds us of an ice cream in a large variety of tasteful colors to choose from. These great designers are also the creators of the hocker and the sofa, which form part of the Sweet Collection; both with a solid wooden frame offer you a comfortable and delicious seating ready to fit in any space.

If you are a sweet addict go for the Sweet collection with no worries. It comes in unique flavours, the packaging is beautiful and surely you can't beat the rich taste. Definitely for sweet design addicts.

I've got a sweet tooth, it's a known fact among all my peers. I can cut down on crabs, fried food, anything, but not sweets, not dessert.