Sunday, 16 August 2009


Blogger is not behaving itself. So posting might be called up.


(I was away last Thursday & Friday) My colleague SOS-ed me that 2 of the main project I'm handling is being hold back) I'm finger crossing that my colleague are playing a prank on me. Not, I'll have major clearing tomorrow. If it's true, before I know it, Tuesday will be welcoming me in lighting form. Due to the (maybe) hold back of my projects my play mode reset itself. Great isnt? I do not have to worry of how things will work out.

The short gate way trip was awesome! I'd plenty of rest, so much of fun that I think I nearly forgot what my middle name was! Haaa. So true there, I'm recharged & I'm all ready for work. Still, I never fail to question myself why do I have to work tomorrow. Irony, I know.

Ok have a lovely week all you people!

Have love, be good!