Saturday, 1 August 2009

Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer

Maybe you're someone who constantly thinks: if only I were more organized? Or maybe you're one of those overly organized people who knows exactly where everything is at all times and is always searching for the next best thing to fuel your obsessive compulsive tendencies? Either way, the Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer could be just what you need.

Woven elastic bands hold your stuff in place - whether it's electronics that were previously shoved into extra pockets of your laptop carrying case - or the bottomless pit of a toolbox that's stored under the kitchen sink waiting to explode open. The Cacoon GRID-IT could even be used for toiletries - so imagine not having to worry about leaky shampoo bottles floating around inside your travel bag. Organization never looked better. - Andrew J Wiener

From cool hunter

I like this! It reminds me of my penknife collections I own. No, I'm not overly organized.
It's just that you want to make sure to find the things you like right at the spot you keep.


Anyway, Love brought me to watch fireworks over at the Marina today! It was good. Somewhat send goosebump. Man! Upon watching that, I felt so much like New Year! If time were to pass that fast, it'll be scary! I've yet gotten my Christmas yet! *Shugs.

Anyway, have been hopping by places today, my legs are giving up on me but time are well spent. Oh! "My love" was hospitalise due to a broken ankle so people please shower her some love. & WBF is back in town! She's a ninja in her previous life I guess. She was back yesterday & now she's in Malaysia. I wonder when will I ever see her! Ok.

Lovely weekend! Ciao!