Tuesday, 14 July 2009

That Rubbish Bag

Christmas Pudding Bin Bag/ Pet Goldfish Bin Bag

Now you can make the boring chore of taking out the rubbish more artistic! Brighten your day and bring a little happiness to your streets on collection day!

Designed by wieden + kennedy

For the fact that Mom went Malacca over the weekend, I took this opportunity to smuggle jojo girl to my place. (Not that Mom is not a animal lover, but the fact that the previous dog pass away, she's still coming into terms that jess had pass on.) Well, jojo get away was a short one though. Haven't been seeing her for months makes me a little edgy. Futhermore her dance move makes me go gaga.

Well, those that really know me knows that, since young, among the 2 other siblings of mine, I'm the only one that is so good with doing stunt. For short it meant, creating troubles. For the fact that Mom is not in town, who wouldn't want to party right?! (My mom detest party, crowd, hate smoke and consider introvert Ha!)

I remember clearly the first time I cross the line was back in secondary school, Mom head Thailand, I invited my whole gang for a BBQ section. Since then, I'm a rule breaker.

Welcome home Mom!


Lately, I'm so in love with this song nobody.

*Clap clap point clap*


Anonymous said...

oh i like that song too! love*

Anonymous said...

!!! I got all the version! Hoho!