Monday, 27 July 2009

The sky & The horse


Weekend was great for me, I did both the mental and physical charge! How about you? Spent the time well? I'm re-reading some of the books I bought ages ago, I've got selected memories you see, so I can't remember things well. Hmmmm, perhaps, I shouldn't have phrase it this way. How about, - I love to surprise myself every other time. Do you get the feeling that whenever you came across something (already), & when you do it again, you'll get the idea of "why didn't you realize it/ take note" of it the other time? I kinda like that feeling though. I always surprise myself very much. They say life is full of surprises, is it so? Well, the idea for both is along the line. isn't so?

Oh! WBF will be back in like 5 days time! I honestly cant wait! I've equip myself with 3M (That glue) all ready to stick myself to her! I bet if you're reading this, you'll so shake your head. (I know you'll roll your eyes so much that it hurts)

But, you know I somewhat miss you here.