Saturday, 25 July 2009

Self reflecting lamp

Self reflecting lamp by Oliver Schick
text by the designer

This exhibit is playing with the discourse that is currently being held in the field of design. It is a symbol of what design can achieve in our days. Currently, we can see a trend of interpreting design as an act of art, an act of creating unique objects causing rather a thematicand contentual discussion than fulfilling the practical role of consumer articles.
Self-reflecting lamp is a ready-made object that critically opposes these different views. Two normal table lamps, the shades of which are grown together like Siam twins, illuminate themselves without managing to produce really useful light. It is just the ventilation slots of the shades which allow some light to pass through, creating a decorative effect by its flower-shaped reflection on the wall.

As to their original function, the elements (the two table lamps) are reduced to absurdity, giving us the impression that they are no longer of use. The object in itsintegrity, however, makes its “user” think about its functionality and thus forces him to reflect about the things that surround him.

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