Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nest Hammock by Ieva Laurina

This October Polish and foreign designers will be converging in Łódź, Poland for the third annual Łódź Design Festival. The festival showcases industrial design as well as graphics, architecture and fashion. We got a preview of some of the object design; Nest Hammock (above) by Ieva Laurina is both functional and sculptural.. ..

From Ieva Laurina:

The hammock is like a flying cloud. And it can make you fly as well. It gives shelter from the busy everyday life, taking you into another world. It is like going back in time to your childhood, when everything seemed so easy and accessible and you could almost walk above the ground. The hammock can be used inside the house as well as outside. Besides the functional side it is a sculptural object that reacts to wind and any movement. Watching the ropes move is almost like looking at a waterfall.

via: MoCo LoCo