Saturday, 4 July 2009

Folded Dictionary

Sam Winston is a story-teller, sculptor and print maker, who generates alternative meanings from the given fundamental blocks of communication, such as traditional fairy tales and language definition. He operates on verbal sequences through an ever inventive series of actions to take meaning in a different, visual and formal direction. In Full Folded Dictionary, he has transformed the twenty volumes of the OED by folding every page differently – making more than 80,000 folds.

Dictionary Story effloresces from each word, spreading and spilling through a concertina of pages as the tale develops under the momentum of its verbal elements. Made-Up True Story, a folder of 6 prints, permutates different approaches to a classic fairy tale, including elaborate pencil drawings that literally draw out the plot, meticulous cuttings-out and reassemblage, and, finally, filigree scalpel work.