Friday, 24 July 2009

Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture by Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan

Under the supervision of alex padwa and david spectre, students at the shenkar college
of engineering and design, ramat gan were encouraged to look closely at the various
daily coffee rituals and consumptions for their coffee culture project. here are a few
images of the works they developed.

Glass coffee cups consist of inner structures that are influenced by
molecule shapes, liquids, geometrical shapes and more. when the coffee is poured
into the glass a contrast between the translucent exterior and coffee is visible.

This piece of work reminds me back in school. I took up D&T (Design & Technology) We were taught to do threading, tapping and the lathe machine. These are all so similar, well, it didn't occurred to me that one day it might become a coffee cup!

I was reading one of my cousin blog today, she posted some interesting thinking,

#10 Let me learn some things in the hard way because I'm not worth being pampered. I believe that I'm very lucky and fortunate and I'm truly grateful for that. Still, let me fall sometimes because somethings cant be understood until you experience it.

Qing, you've no idea how much I love the above sentence. Truly, perhaps I'm like that thus adore the sentence so much. Hard way it is, certain things just cant be found on books.