Sunday, 28 June 2009

Mirrors Mirror

768 mirror tiles,768 motors, video camera, control electronics.
Size 90 inches H, 70 inches W, 6 Inches D

Mirrors Mirror creates the viewers' image by directing 768 small mirror tiles in a way that reflects different portions of their image. The piece is made of 24 columns of "pixels" that form a concaved curved surface that is aimed at the viewer. Brighter pixels reflect the upper body of the viewer and the wall behind him and dark ones are aimed lower. So the environment is important as it affects the reflection. The viewing experience is quite private as the resulting image can be seen only by the reflected person. This piece also includes an algorithmic animation feature that is triggered every time a person leaves the piece.

If you like mirrors, you should check Daniel Rozin out. His mirror installation is very interactive. What? Broken Mirror? Shiny Ball Mirror? Self-Centre Mirror and lots more.