Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Laser Beak Man

Last week, I drop Tim Sharp a mail. (It's a site that Rena gave me)

As I look at his work, I can't help smiling. I can't express it why. But it felt good, so good I know this is a share. I drop him a word and seek for permission to feature his work. They are very nice people and I felt warmth. They invite me to the exhibit (Laser Beak Man) this coming Saturday over at Brisbane! It's a pity I can't be there. But people, If you are from there, or near there, do drop by to give your support!

Lets know more about him before his work shall we?

Tim Sharp is 20 years old and has Autism. Autism is a lifelong condition that is without a cure. It severely affects everyday life and it cruelly impacts the most on the ability to communicate and form relationships.

Tim was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old. Such were Tim’s enormous difficulties that the doctor's advice was "that the best thing to do was put him away and forget about him." Rejecting the prognosis, intensive therapy began immediately and bravely Tim tried to overcome what was so terrifying and difficult for him.

Drawing was used as a way of helping Tim to communicate. At age 11 Tim invented Laser Beak Man who allows Tim to show the world his great sense of humour and intelligence as well as his quirky way of looking at life.


Art allows Tim to enjoy some of things he wants most in life, acceptance and inclusion, an encouraging word, a happy smile and friendship. The future is quite limited for Tim but Laser Beak Man is helping Tim build a brighter future for himself and step outside the loneliness of Autism.

He's incredible isn't he? Art has got no boundaries ay? He brought us all into his colorful world, a world that we know there's acceptance, a world that he communicate with each and everyone of us. I'm touched by Tim's work. I hope his work touch you the same way it touches me.