Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jake Walters (Part 2) Fashion

Jake Walters Fashion

This is part 2 of his work, isn't amalgamation of fashion with design? Looking at his works reminds me of a photography I manage to interview last year, it was for one of my project report during the school days. To interview him is really one of a experience. I can't help giving thanks to the opportunity.

A humble down to earth photographer whom produce breath taking work. Till now, whenever I'm tired or drained from work flow, I'll always get back to the report and read through what I said about him. I promise to bring my work (The report) here and I definitely would. I'm tiding the loose end so it'll not be long.
Love launch his photoblog, it took him a year to finish it all up. I guess I won't have to wait so long for mine.