Monday, 1 June 2009

The Box- For the weather

Los Angeles-based Illustrator Hiroko Sanders created the illustrations for the Kleenex “Perfect Slice of Summer”, new limited edition tissue box series for Target Stores. Since the illustrations are the primary part of each carton, the challenge was to create artwork utilizing a style that embodies the spirit of summer, and that works uniquely with the carton design. The three boxes are images of different fruits rendered with a stylized realism that unifies the design of the package with the brand and product.

Weekend was taxing, I caught a flu bug on Sunday and had a infected right eye. (Damnit) Well, well, It's over now! I can't wait for this week to start anew!

I'm finger crossing that the earth will cool down a little and I guess I really need a slice of the melon to cool myself down.

Happy week ahead! I'm so looking forward for mine!

Project credits: Hiroko Sanders, Illustrator
Jennifer Brock, Senior Designer/Brand Design – Kimberly Clark Corp.

Via: thedieline