Friday, 5 June 2009

840g and 1020g Stools

Nido- Stool and table series. GFK

The fixed points of a stool were defined in space. These were connected or wrapped around by fiberglass soaked with dyed polyester resin.

Always new patterns and structures and thereby individual stools or tables orginate from displacements of the fixed points and various wrap sequences.

The resulting structures are extremely light unexpectedly stable.

It is a collection of 6 stools and tables by Eva Marguerre. They are made of fibreglass which makes them extremely light, between 840g and 1020g, but also very stable, they can carry up to 150kg.

I came to realize off lately, I like to showcase the "inner beauty" of the different structure. E.g the genetic stairs Doesn't the last image reminds you of India? Ha.