Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A promise to myself (b)

Why? Shin Tanaka

Its an enforcement of the idea of which I'd post in the earlier post yesterday (Let what you love be what I do), this shall be one other project I'm giving myself with. (I'll be getting it nice and slow) Shin Tanaka is one of the paper God. It would have been more than appropriate to showcase him.

Paper craft is something I always love to do. I've been marinating in my mind since end of last year. (I'll not get it started if I don't set my mind right) Well, I've got 3 things in line that I want to do - 1st random graphic which I've started working on, 2nd would be designed paper craft, and last but not least, sew plush toys.

It's a lot of things going on. I know. I'm working on it, bear with me. Transaction period would be most precious and before you know it, it would be over soon.

Side track, I'd added another dozen more link this morning. 24hrs per day. Serious time planning is needed.


Anonymous said...

I wanna sew plush toys too! I saw lots of ways to do it and Im so tempted! let me know when u wanan do it can we go get equipments togther? hehehehe

Ant said...

hahah, yayaya! OMG~ I got kakis!
I was asking my frens on how to sew! he was so amazed that i dun even know how to sew! I was telling my mom I'm getting a sewing machine, you should withness how she roll her eyes it's oh-so-hard!

OK! SETTLE. when I research finish, I'll ask you along! I'm on the process of doing 3d crafts, so prolly by the time u roll back! We can hit the shops HAHA! OK! settle!

I drop you links ok! we can be inspired by it together! HAHAHA!