Thursday, 14 May 2009

Food for Thought

Well, let it be text today. It might not be the daily practice I'd here, but random expression doesn't come by easy.

I'd some random food for thought in recent time that I need a channel to venture it out. Here as it is, would be a nice field to do the stretching.

I did some deliberation awhile ago, or all one knows it might be the "Revitalize you mind with inspiring interview" I read this morning that spur the moments of thoughts. I'd been part of the working society for 10 months now, not a long time frame though, but for a person that is heading back to school next year, is indeed a long "holiday." To be on precise calculation, it'll be a 2 year pause before I'm back. If I'd to express my feeling of what is it like, I would say, anticipation.

Having look through design inspiration every other day helps, I source for possibility that I could do for the thesis. Without fail, I would have Designer adrenaline. (I would love to preserve this feeling for as long as it takes.)

So what's the point?

Life is only so short, I'm always amazed that some stayed in their job for as long as 10 years. Perhaps the calling of the individual life is different, thus, it makes me admire them. At this stage of time, I know I might not have the courage of commitment.

But given the chance of which "If you weren't a designer, what will you be?"

I'd gotten my answer years back, I remember, my peers laugh at the vision I'd in mind, all of them took turn to shake my hands & thought it was silly of me. I was embrassed at the idea, there and then, I kept it at the back of my mind with the laughter. This question bang on me when I read the review. This might be the process of experience, I was reasoning with myself of which why would I ever be embrassed with the idea? -I was inability of the idea at the stage.

What would I be? - I would be a social worker. Coming into terms, I know, at this stage, that is not my calling yet. It maybe but definitely not any time soon. The idea of wanting it bad enough have yet to suppress the idea of being back to school, or perhaps being a designer.

But if one day I'm not a designer, I'll be a social worker. Not banishing the thought of not dealing with design related matters no more. But like said, life is only so short. And that is one of the very thing I would want to experience.

Why for? It would be out of love.

What would yours be?