Friday, 29 May 2009

To Be Someone

by Mintdesigners

The masks made of SMASH - highly thermoplastic non woven fabric. I love the monkey mask!Mintdesigners were certainly in a good mood when they decided to create white masks for anybody who wants to be somebody. In Japan it is part of the daily life to see people in the streets wearing masks in order to protect themselves from germs or cold. The demand is so big that designers couldn't ignore this phenomenon. Mintdesigners decided to create a mask that can cheer someone up but with a touch of fashion and humour.

[ Note: ] SMASH, a special polyester filament non woven fabric, has the advantage of its thermos-plasticity and its shape can be easily changed when heated. It is a non woven highly functional fabric, which can be moulded using a hot press process. The material does not tear easily and has superior permeability as well as excellent print quality thanks to its smooth surface.

In news today, there's already 4 cases of H1N1- locally. I wonder what it would be like if nurses and doctor wear such masks. Monkeying around? Haa.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I manage to catch up with one of my nurse friend, it seems to be that mask are not treating them well, due to the long hours of mask wearing, she developed rashes. Speedy recovery ay!


Rayz said...

good design!

Haro Genki said...

Hmm.. looks very constricted..

Ant said...

Haha, design do differ in the eye of beholder.