Sunday, 10 May 2009

Noodles Anyone?

It's Sunday today! Lets go for something light & easy. Let me showcase to you Kwangho Lee this work reminds me of a giantantic Maggie mee isn't it?

Lets look at who he is before his artwork ay. Cause I thought it would be nice to know a little more of the designer before anything else.

"I was raised up in the far country side in my early childhood and moved closer in the outskirt of the big city in a farmland. As I grew up in the farm, my habit of building and making things with my hands was very natural and I've become to earn for a greed-less life. These humble childhood experiences and memories have given, and are still giving, great influences in my hand-crafted works. I dream of producing my works like a farmer patiently waiting to harvest the rice in autumn after planting the seed in spring."

"Who is your inspiration?

I get most of inspirations from my childhood memories. I had great time growing up in the countryside with my grandparents. I have such great memories and most of the ideas and inspirations I get for my works are based on them. I also get the inspirations from my friends and family members."

That speaks it all, speaks it all.


Obsession Series

2009. 03
Gardening Hoses

"Kwangho Lee recently took part in 'Craft Punk', an exhibition in Milan where designers made furniture and accessories on-site with recycled materials from Fendi's manufacturing process. Lee made chairs out of re-purposed garden hoses and electrical wire."

"This is an experiment on the study for raw materials. I focused on the possibilities of bringing new shapes and seeing the other side and shifting the original role of the materials."

Kwangho Lee
I'll bring his work back, for one more day. Not so soon, not now, yet.

It's Mother's Day today! Happy Mother Day Dear Mommy!
For good health, love & a better environment!