Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Laser cutters or xacto knifes?

Hunter Stabler, his work literally made my jaw drop, every new details and cut. It's incredible, it was inspiration overload.

"The intricacy of his multilayered cutouts ~ the shadows they created ever so slightly lifted in their framing ~ the remnants and slightest imperfections of cutting and pen and pencil marks remaining were leaving the viewers in constant debate about whether he used laser cutters or xacto knifes (for the record, he’s a hand cutter)… and i must admit that seeing the pieces that weren’t cut out next to those that were, made me feel like they were unfinished!"

With huge patiences, comes great work.

Ps// I'm a happy kid! Love is back this evening, work is finally up! And I'm very much thankful and blessed. Lets call upon celebrations!

To you, you, and to you, thank you for being with me when love is not around. You guys are awesome!

Via: notcot