Thursday, 16 April 2009

Atmosphere meets blossom

Ryuji Nakamura

Title: Atmosphere
date: 7,8th february 2009
site: new national theatre, tokyo
function: scenery of opera "le grand macabre"
material: mold ribbon by yoko ando
size: w16.4m d17.5m h9.0m
director: yasuki fujita
production: the tokyo chamber opera theatre
photo: Daici Ano, Ryuji Nakamura

Title: blossom
date: 6 february 2009
site: les halles de saison sage 1-28 takamiyahigashi matsumoto-shi nagano
function: private dining in wedding hall
material: stainless steel t0.1
size: 30m2
photo: Ryuji Nakamura

I've got to admit, I've got this thing for installation. It could be the space and atmosphere presented out.