Monday, 9 March 2009

EN /Camera Obscura

I always got the love for paper cut, paper material. Let me present to you a paper camera! It can take photos, and yes, it works like a pin hole camera! YES! You can download the template!

Go on over!
In 1979, the paper model Dirkon was published in ABC magazine. This model was an imitation of the very popular reflex camera. Rubikon, as an evergreen design, comes after 25 years to be a reaction to digital technology.

Design by Jaroslav Jurica

Have fun!

Cy, if you are reading this, (I believe you are) may I know where is my Howl's?!

Ps// Love used to own one of the paper pin hole camera, due to the fact that he did not fold it well, he throw the whole thing away! Believe it! He's amazingly unbelievable!


Anonymous said...

eh, can comment one ar. hahaha. LOVE SIA. wAHAHahahahha!!

Anonymous said...

from that laugher I PRESUME is JUN or rena! pls show urself

Anonymous said...

confirm u are rena! WHY? come here pick on me huh?!